About Us

The purpose of Markaz Al-Madina is to provide the Muslims of the county of  San Diego religious services that includes but not limited to worship, daily prayers, and Friday Congregational Prayer, religious instructions, and observance of Islamic holidays.  We also provide other services such as marriages, family counseling, social service needs, and funeral services.
In specific, Markaz Al-Madina facility’s mosque is called Masjid Sunnah.  The daily prayers, Friday Congregational Prayers, Islamic Lectures, and other acts of worship are conducted in the mosque.
Finally, we observe the Islamic religious holidays:  The Month of Ramadan, Eidul-ul Fitra) and the Hajj (Eid-ul  Adha) Hajj Pilgrimage.

Markaz Al-Madina was incorporated on  May 26, 2015 as a Non-Profit Religious Corporation.  Our goal and mission in life is to call to the path of Allah (God) the mighty and exalted in worshiping him alone (Tawheed and Monotheism) and following the guidance of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).  Our organization  is established on the principles of Ahlus Sunnah wa Al Jamaah.   These guiding principles are derived from the correct understanding of The Quran (The Book of Allah) and The Sunnah (The way of His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) upon the understanding of the pious predecessors (Salaf as Salih).